An Ode To The Wishbook

The Wishbook was a part of the Christmas narrative for me. No, I don't mean that it was plunked next to the baby Jesus in the manger. But for my memories, for my personal traditions, the Wishbook was a key part of that story. It was a part of my Christmas story.

Recently, Sears has had to declare bankruptcy in Canada, and just this month the courts approved a full liquidation of Sears in Canada. After a 65 year run, Sears is finished in Canada and along with it, the Wishbook. (Read more here)

This is a shot to the heart. But not because I actually like Sears. The WIshbook, not Sears, was a part of my Christmas story. I just loved and am nostalgic about their catalog. And therein lies the problem for Sears.

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Rocket Bike

He eventually could go faster, but he'd rather stay at the speed he's at on his familiar Rocket Bike.

This is the same challenge leaders of any business or organization will face their whole lives. We want to go fast, but we don't want to get off our Rocket Bikes.

In order to grow your organization, whether it's a Church, a business or somewhere in between, you have got to be willing to make changes for the sake of growth.

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Burn Out Brighter

The thing with sparklers though is that they were kind of anti-climactic when they ended. I mean, they were pretty and all, but as they burned down towards the end of the stick they just kind of fizzled out.

I always wanted more from my sparklers. I wanted them to burn out brighter. I wanted them to be more like the big fireworks display at the Fall Fair that ended with this giant crescendo of concussive explosions and color. It was intense, powerful and beautiful.

I want to be the fireworks display, not the sparkler.

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